July 31, 2008


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Here’s the list of web searches that led people to Neil’s Blog during the month of July:

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An Unexpected Sight

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I was watching CNN tonight & I saw something that took me completely off guard.  My good friend who blogs here appears to be at rally for this guy & is wildly applauding the candidate.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the video.  Pay special attention to the guy in the white t-shirt w/ the beard seated over the right shoulder of the candidate.


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LAUNCH is just 1 week away.  I spent the morning yesterday at CHS’ registration asking students where they want to be the weekend of August 8-10.  Here’s what they said:

Slow Blog

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Neil’s Blog has been slow this week due to this & this (it will be open to the public beginning this Sunday morning).  I’ll be back to blogging at my usual pace within a few days.

July 29, 2008


One of my big prayers & problems for the fastly approaching Fall was a worship leader for our jr. high & sr. high worship services.  Well today that issue was solved.

Josh Brister will be back leading us in worship!  We talked today.  He had thought he would be moving here this September, but that’s going to be delayed.  Youth Worship Services begin August 13 w/ week 1 of Quest.  I’m really excited about what God has in store for us this Fall.

Things I Did, Learned or Thought About While on Vacation

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  • I ran. I changed up the routine. I ran farther. Its weird how doing something that makes me tired also gives me energy (kinda like youth ministry)
  • I completed our neighborhood’s newsletter. I’ve been using Pages for about a year now, it took me a while to learn it, but I would never trade it back for Word.
  • People bring a lot of hurt on themselves. Its a constant reminder of how deeply sin affects us.
  • I wondered what would happen if we began worship services like this instead of just shaking hands. (we might try it in the youth worship services).
  • Running in the shade is better than running in the sun.
  • Swimming after running is better than not swimming after running.
  • I added the following Web Apps to my phone: WordPress, Facebook, More Cowbell, Flashlight
  • 18 high schoolers + Roscoe is very close to our home’s limit.
  • I went to see Dark Knight twice on Friday.

July 26, 2008


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Why you should not buy your teen a motorcycle (as if you were considering it):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Unbelievable", posted with vodpod

July 25, 2008

Fall Preview

I’m really excited about this Fall for our youth ministry.  We’ll be doing 4 series during our jr. high & sr. high youth worship services.  I’ve been working on each of them since this past Winter/early Spring.  I’ve tried to match each series w/ a time of the year that will allow for the most impact.  Anyway here’s the preview:

Quest will be a 3 week series to kickoff the new school year.  We’ll cover: What are you searching for? Who is searching for you?  What does God want me to do?

Old School will be a 4 week series on how to apply old school values in today’s world.  It should be fun.  Lots of retro.  Old tv shows, old gadgets (if you have an old video camera or a really old cell phone – think bag phone – please email me).

Decision 08 will be a joint series between our Sunday worship services & our youth worship services. We’ll cover life’s biggest decisions.  An online poll will be available beginning in August for you to vote for the biggest decisions that you face.  I’m excited to see how the series goes.  It’ll be the 1st time that we’ve used an online forum as a church.  Also, the 1st time that the congregation has chosen the topics for a sermon series.

We’ll conclude the year by talking about $.  Youth have tons of it (if you don’t believe me ask the marketing experts & the video game & energy drink industries).  We’ll take a look at how God wants us to handle what He gives us.

July 24, 2008

Anniversary Celebration (6 weeks late)

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Amanda & I finally went out to celebrate our anniversary tonight.  Our anniversary was back on June 15.  We “celebrated” it in the emergency room in Talladega, AL while at Student Life Camp.  I blogged about it here.

We chose Anthony Zs for the occasion & weren’t disappointed.  We’ve been long time fans of The Elite, Anthony’s family’s restaurant.  I’ve eaten at Anthony Z’s for lunch, but this was a 1st for dinner.  It was incredible.  The rolls are unbeatable (thank goodness I’ve been running 4 miles per day this week), my steak was incredible & Amanda’s grilled shrimp received 2 thumbs up from her.

Bogue Chitto

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Following my morning run (I made it 4 miles again today) Amanda & I went to McComb to tube the Bogue Chitto River.  The good folks at Ryal’s took good care of us as always.

The youth group usually goes each summer to tube the river.  However, tubing w/ a 30+ teenagers on a Saturday is much different than today’s experience.  It was quite, calm & peaceful.  Neither one of us asked “Are we there yet?”.

Following the tubing experience we dined at Cafe Dupree.  The meal was also more peaceful than the youth group’s usual dining at Wendy’s

If your family is looking for a fun day I highly recommend tubing the Bogue Chitto River.  Give the nice folks at Ryal’s a call & they will take care of you.  Its just $7 per tube & alcohol is no longer allowed on the river.

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