June 25, 2008


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My personal Bible study & reading leans very heavily towards the New Testament. I have to make myself read & teach from the Old Testament (the youth will be doing a series in the Old Testament this September
called Old School). Anyway, here’s what I learned from my recent reading of Amos.

  • God is holy.
  • His puppse for His followers is to be a blessing to the world.
  • Hypocrisy among the religious is nothing new.
  • Judaism in this era looks much like today’s American Christianity.
  • The Israelites associated financial success with God’s blessing.
  • God can use anyone as His mouthpeice.  Amos was a country boy who God used to speak judgement against His people.  If Amos was a preacher in most churches he would be asked to leave or likely much worse for chapter 4 (particularly for calling the women “cows of Bashan”; I’m no expert in the cultural setting of Amos, but I’m guessing that being called a cow was not a compliment.)
  • I need to focus on serving God rather than on pleasing people.

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