June 30, 2008

Help Needed!!!

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I need your help. Ken & I are working on a series called Decision 08 for October of this year. It’ll be a 5 week sermon series for Sunday mornings & I’ll be doing a youth version on Wednesday nights.

As we approach the presidential election we thought that it would be timely to look at life’s biggest decisions. That’s where you come in to play.


We need you to post a comment to this post or send me an email w/ a list of life decisions. We will then take that list & create an online poll of the top 10 or so. Next, folks will vote for their top 4 decisions. The top 4 vote getters will make up the series plus 1 topic that Ken has preselected for the final week.

So, do your part by commenting or emailing me.

Sr. High H2O

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Tonight, the sr. high meets at the Vander Molen’s for H2O. Here’s the map:

Last week we played Marco Polo for a solid hour. It was a lot of fun & all the guys (& a few ladies) are looking forward to more of the same tonight. If you are unfamiliar w/ Marco Polo watch this:

June 27, 2008

This & That

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This week & most of July will be spent planning.  June was all about action, July will be preparing to act.  Here’s what this week looked like:

  • Completed the youth Bible study series for the fall.  Here’s the overview: Quest – seeking God & Him seeking us, Old School – old school values, Decision 08 – a series that Ken & I will be doing simultaneously on life’s big decisions, and Pocket Change – stewardship.
  • Sara is working on all of the logos & graphic arts for each series & a youth mom is already busy coming up w/ ideas of how to decorate the set for each series.
  • Today I ate lunch here w/ an old friend that I met here when we were in the 3rd grade, but it was located here back then.  We also roomed together for 2 years at M.C.
  • Lots of preparation for LAUNCH.  Wrote a letter that will be mailed next week, began creating the registration form, mapped out the small groups & their leaders, worked on the schedule, emailed w/ Twin Lakes & Chuck Hooten about the tech specs of the worship facility
  • Matt & I had frappacinos here today (I did avoid a repeat of this).  We reviewed the 1st half of the summer & looked forward to the 2nd half.  Parent’s, don’t be surprised if he contacts your teen about hanging out w/ him during July.
  • Ordered a big stack of books.  I took June off from reading anything in addition to the Bible, but today I began reading Blue Like Jazz.  This is my new reading list that I ordered from Amazon today: unChristian, Pop Goes the Church, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Crazy Love (Matt & I will be reading this together ), The Dip, and Meatball Sundae

June 25, 2008

Free Stuff

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Today, I’ve been catching up on things that have been ignored since the summer began. One of those issues is my office & the youth storage closet. I came across some t-shirts that some of you may want. I have the following t-shirts to give away:

  • Disciple Now 2008 (2 medium long sleeves)
  • LAUNCH 2008 (2 large & 1 xl short sleeve)

If you would like to claim one of these shirts just reply to this message.


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My personal Bible study & reading leans very heavily towards the New Testament. I have to make myself read & teach from the Old Testament (the youth will be doing a series in the Old Testament this September
called Old School). Anyway, here’s what I learned from my recent reading of Amos.

  • God is holy.
  • His puppse for His followers is to be a blessing to the world.
  • Hypocrisy among the religious is nothing new.
  • Judaism in this era looks much like today’s American Christianity.
  • The Israelites associated financial success with God’s blessing.
  • God can use anyone as His mouthpeice.  Amos was a country boy who God used to speak judgement against His people.  If Amos was a preacher in most churches he would be asked to leave or likely much worse for chapter 4 (particularly for calling the women “cows of Bashan”; I’m no expert in the cultural setting of Amos, but I’m guessing that being called a cow was not a compliment.)
  • I need to focus on serving God rather than on pleasing people.

June 24, 2008


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With me being gone for most of the past month I think that I’ve failed to mailout the updated schedule for the Jr. High H2Os. I apologize.  You can view the updated list by clicking here.

This Wednesday we meet at the home of Steve & Shannon Champion’s from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Here’s the map:

June 23, 2008

Canoe Trip Pictures

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Student Life Slideshow

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June 22, 2008

Sunday Reflections

  • It was good to be back in youth Sunday School after being out for all but one of the past 4 Sundays.
  • Good youth crowd despite it being summer.
  • I thought the Student Life Report in the evening worship service went well (despite me forgetting to plug in the audio cable for the computer so we’d have sound for the slideshow).  The 4 teens that shared their story from camp all did a great job.  I think its really important that we don’t just minister to teens, but allow them to minister to the church as well.
  • Every slideshow & video I do is a reminder of how grateful I am for the Macs the church has purchased for me to use.  Macs make such work a breeze.  Having the right tools is so key.
  • I’ll post the video I played in the evening worship sometime tomorrow.
  • I plugged THIS probably 2 dozen times in conversations today.  I even did so w/ a very nice sr. adult lady this morning in the hallway.  I think she thought I was joking about participating, but I really do wish she & many others would join us. So, if you are reading this & want to be involved please email me.   July 13 is when we’ll begin registration.
  • Tonight we had some friends over for supper after the evening worship service.  Here’s the evidence:

  • My Sermon Notes from today’s 11:00 a.m. service:

Joshua 3:1-13

1. Command of God – He speaks & then the people move. If you before He
speaks it is a disaster.
1. Definite – when God speaks it is definite.
2.  Directional
If we can accomplish what we want accomplish ourselves than we
don’t need God.
3. Divine
2. Conviction of the People
1. Situation
Joshua 3:15 – the timing wasn’t
perfect or the perfect place
2.  Sanctification – we need to listen to God to see what He
wants us to do.
3.  Consumation of the Event
1. Happened as prophesied
2. Still had to fight for the land; God had won the war but still
had to fight; same as us with our struggle with sin

June 20, 2008

Bible Drill Trip

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12 youth & children plus a few adults are in Gulf Shores, AL. Its a little bonus for those who participate in Bible Drills. Yesterday, we went to Waterville USA, a waterpark/themepark. After seeing all the folks at the waterpark Matt & I decided that we looked better in a bikini than at least 50% of the people their yesterday.

Supper was at The Mellow Mushroom. I persuaded my table to order the Hawiian (pineapple & ham) as 1 of our pizzas. All but Matt the Intern gave it a try.

This morning we’ll be checking out early so we can spend some time helping the local economy at the outlet mall in Foley. Lunch
will be either Dreamland or the Oyster House in Mobile before arriving back in Clinton this afternoon.

Tomorrow concludes the busiest 1/2 of a summer I’ve ever had. The youth choir canoes the Okatomah River.

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