May 7, 2008

Wednesday Reflection

Tonight was the 4th & final night of Untouchables.  The topic tonight was prejudice.

Jr. High Service

  • Crowd: Average? (All Spring semester we’ve seen a lot of new kids who’ve become Wednesday regulars, but we’ve been ineffective in getting some of the kids who use to be regulars to attend)
  • Game: Average
  • Music: Above Average – Josh Brister was back tonight & we had Tyler, the world’s greatest keyboardist; It was just really good
  • Talk: Above Average (I didn’t think it was that good.  I thought I did a below average job w/ relating the topic to the jr. high crowd, but Amanda thought otherwise.  Since she is smarter than me I’ll go w/ her opinion.)

Sr. High Service:

  • Crowd: Above Average (the sr. high service has really worked w/ the sr. high)
  • Music: Above Average – see above
  • Teaching: Above Average; Relating prejudice & self introspection was much easier w/ the sr. high crowd

Next week is the final week of youth worship for this semester.  It’ll be one combined service at 6:15.  Josh will be back to lead worship.  I’m hoping to get Ken to attend & maybe even share a few words w/ the group.


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