April 23, 2008

Wednesday Reflections

Tonight, was week 2 of Untouchables.  The topic was death.  For more my notes & more details click here & here.

Jr. High Service:

  • Crowd: Average – several new 1st timers tonight
  • Music: Average? – ‘Topher is out of town; Donnie & Brett did a good job it was just different
  • Game: Average – Multiple Choice game dealing w/ funny questions about death (ex. how many people are killed by donkeys each year?).  Multiple choice games seem to work better in our environment.
  • Talk: Average; good content, but too long – I’m really struggling w/ the length of this series in the jr. high service
  • Response:  I had one of the guys ask me about life support following the service.  Tough topic.  I was impressed that he was paying attention & really thinking about this “untouchable” topic.

Sr. High Service:

  • Crowd: Average
  • Music: Average? Thought the coffee house style worked much better w/ the sr. high
  • Talk: Above Average
  • Response: I got home a few minutes before 10:00 (service ended a few minutes after 8:30), so there was lots of discussion.

I’ll post a few more thoughts later on.


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