April 23, 2008


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Random Thoughts:

  • Lots of teens are hurting.  I’m praying about starting this.
  • Kids from “good” families can still be really hurting.
  • NBA Playoffs are much better than the regular season.  However, the games still aren’t as good as this guy’s commentary on the games.
  • Teens respond to honesty.
  • Too many kids are selling/buying/using drugs.
  • I’ll do a sex/relationship series in the spring from now on.
  • Amanda went here today.  Last time I went there Parkway met here.
  • I need to purposely invite more adults to attend the youth worship services.
  • The NFL Draft’s ridiculously high ratings are proof that football is king and that ESPN knows how to make us think that something is important.
  • Next week’s Untouchables will be the best due to personal testimonies.
  • I lied tonight in the sr. high service.  This guy ain’t my friend & didn’t do this song at my request just for tonight’s talk on death.
  • Roscoe, our English Bulldog, will sleep, but not go to “bed” before I do.  He’s a strange creature.
  • This guy’s suits are hideous.  Click here or here for evidence.

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