March 31, 2008

Mission Trip

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This summer our youth ministry is partnering w/ the senior adult ministry for a mission trip to Warrenton, MO to work w/ CEF.  An official letter should be completed & emailed out tomorrow & a printed copy mailed out in a couple of days.  Here are the basics:

Parents Update

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Parents Update is Parkway’s weekly email newsletter to parents. I’ve previously used Publisher, now I’m using Pages and in a couple of weeks I’ll let Emma do the work. Click on the link to view this week’s edition. If you want to subscribe email me (once Emma is doing the work she’ll provide a subscribe/unsubscribe option).

Parents Update

BBQ Cookoff

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BBQ Contest

  •  Sunday, April 27
  • Parkway Baptist Church
  • Eat at 5:30 p.m.
  • Bring your grills and cook in the parking lot or just grill @ home & bring the food by 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday School Classes, families, individuals, etc. can enter the contest
  • Competing for 1st, 2nd &3rd place
  • The judges will not be revealed (but I’d make sure this guy & this guy were fed well if you want to win)
  • Parkway will provide burgers & hotdogs, side items, drinks & condiments
  • Inflatables for the kids

March 30, 2008

1 more weekend

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With 1 more weekend of the NCAA Tournament remaining here are the standings:


Group Standings
Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Neil Tullos 96 46 160 49 North Carolina (141)
2 John Montgomery 90 43 154 46 UCLA (142)
3 Cindy Scott 88 42 136 44 North Carolina (165)
3 Steve Champion 88 40 152 43 UCLA (148)
5 jerry tullos 87 41 151 44 Kansas (136)
6 Ken Hall 85 41 149 44 Kansas (151)
7 payne hall 84 40 148 43 North Carolina (152)
8 george bolls 83 40 131 42 North Carolina (152)
9 Gary Scheider 82 40 146 43 North Carolina (136)
10 Lucy Chappell 55 35 55 35 Tennessee (143)

Student Life Deadline

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28 teens have paid the $50 deposit for Student Life Camp!  If you still haven’t made your mind up you’ve 3 hours to turn in your deposit (please contact Theresa if its after 10:30 p.m.  She loves it when people call her late at night wanting to pay their deposit for youth camp.  I hope she doesn’t read this until after she gives me my paycheck in the morning.)  A couple of years ago I would have been dissappointed with having this number of teens attend summer camp, but my perspective have changed for several reasons:

  • Summer Camp just isn’t a big draw in Clinton.  Don’t believe me ask Kenny, Mark or Ken, the youth ministry guru.
  • We’ve got a ton of 1st timers going w/ us.
  • The group is almost evenly split between sr. high & jr. high.
  • God will move in the lives of the 28 teens and 5 or 6 adults who attend.
  • Summer Camp isn’t our outreach event (LAUNCH August 8-10 @ Twin Lakes, $100.00 is our summer/back to school outreach event).
  • We don’t have to worry about filling spots this year to cover our budget – allows me to sleep easier & not feel awful about waisting God’s $.

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Tommy just showed me this video:

Bad Idea

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Check out this video that I found on Mark’s blog.

Student Life Camp

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Today is the deadline for paying the $50.00 deposit for Student Life Camp. In past years we’ve always just reserved enough spots based on our semi-educated guess. Which has meant that we’ve been responsible for paying for spots that were not used (well over $1,000.00 dollars the past few years). This year in order to go you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 to reserve your spot for camp.

Going into today I’ve been afraid that we weren’t going to take near as many teens to camp, but today the $ came rolling in! I haven’t done the final tally yet, but it looks like we’ll have at least as many going as we had last year. It also means that I can sleep easier without worrying about paying for the unused spots. I can also go ahead w/ the planning for LAUNCH 08 (back to school event to be held Aug. 8-10 at Twin Lakes) knowing that the budget $ will be there!

I’m also really pumped because we’ll be taking more high schoolers than we ever have in the past! We had 5 pay deposits this morning that have never been to camp!

If you still haven’t paid your deposit yet you have a few more hours. You can bring the check by the church office today (I’ll be here all afternoon so just call my cell), at tonight’s worship service or even by house tonight. Midnight tonight is the deadline.

Sunday Reflections

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Youth attendance in Sunday School was up from last week.  We had a 1st time visitor in Sunday School as well!

Ken was very passionate about his sermon on having a passion for Jesus.  It was the 1st of a 10 week series on the characteristics of the Early Church.  If I think about it I’ll post the outline for the 10 weeks later today.  Next week’s sermon is on how the early church was non-religious.  Here are my notes from today:

3.30.07 11:00 a. m. service
Acts 4 1:-13

Obsession with Jesus.
Paul did everything he could to keep out the religious. (preview statement of next week’s sermon).

The early church was passionate about Jesus.

1. We accept the teachings if Jesus.
– spend time with Jesus; get off with God. Peter & John were
known for spending time with Jesus.
– support His teachings; forgiveness; fellowship- a lifestyle
not an event; faith
2. Act with boldness.
– consumed with the Spirit
– consistent with Scripture

When you become user friendly you only become used.

What are you passionate about?

Bracket Update

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The latest standings in our NCAA braket challenge:

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Neil Tullos 88 45 168 50 North Carolina (141)
2 John Montgomery 82 42 162 47 UCLA (142)
3 Steve Champion 80 39 160 44 UCLA (148)
4 jerry tullos 79 40 159 45 Kansas (136)
5 Ken Hall 77 40 157 45 Kansas (151)
6 payne hall 76 39 156 44 North Carolina (152)
7 george bolls 75 39 155 44 North Carolina (152)
8 Gary Scheider 74 39 146 43 North Carolina (136)
9 Cindy Scott 72 40 136 44 North Carolina (165)
10 Lucy Chappell 55 35 55 35 Tennessee (143)
Report Updated as of: 3/29/08 11:28 PM EST
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